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Great conversation

I really enjoyed the stress and success episode, like many listeners I’m juggling all of life’s demands and experience both stress and success to varying degrees week in, week out!! Refreshing to discuss it in casual conversation!


Relatable and Motivational

I have to say this isn’t my usual podcast but I absolutely love it and can’t wait for more! There are lots of ‘business focused’ podcasts that feel very removed from me. This feels like two people having a chat, that happens to be very interesting and I can’t help but want to hear more!

E Shedlington

Northern Stars ⭐️

Loving this podcast. I didn’t realise I had space in my life for another podcast until I gave yours a listen. Wow. Great, honest advice coupled with genuine experiences and thought provoking commentary. Well put together, warm and insightful. Keep it up!

Mrs G Dunn